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Vehicle Safety Hammer

Vehicle Safety Hammer

We are manufacturer and supplier of Safety/Emergency hammer for cars in India.These safety hammer for cars are very compact,light weight(150gms) & easy to use on any kind of surface. It can break through the thick glass windows & rescue the people stuck inside the vehicle in quick time in any kind of emergency situation like jammed central locking, overheat, suffocation, water logged situation etc. This Safety hammer definitely provides a peace of mind,makes it a must application for every vehicle on road to ensure the safety of driver & passengers.This comes with a light weight plastic stand for easy installation at a place of choice inside the vehicle.With just 7"height,this Emergency hammer is a safety device which is simple and a must to have tool inside every vehicle. Add this in Car safety products kit and also gift it to loved ones.

  • Easy to install
  • Beneficial in the situation when you are stuck inside the car
  • Helps you when the central locking system of the car is jammed

  • Comes with plastic stand
  • Highly strong
  • Very useful in emergency

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  • Vehicle Safety Hammer (VSH 001)

    Vehicle Safety Hammer (VSH 001)

  • Vehicle Safety Hammer (VSH 002)

    Vehicle Safety Hammer (VSH 002)